NPNG Mic Preamps

Our mission is to create new and exciting devices for use in the recording studio. The criteria for our designs are based only on usability, sound quality and reliability. We believe your ears are the most sensitive “test” gear on the planet.

NPNG Pre-Amplifiers QMP-4NW and DMP-2NW (Shown)

The DMP-2NW can be upgraded to 4 channels

What’s In The Box: 

  • 2 or 4 Channel Pre Amp 
  • LPS-41 Power Supply
  • 6′ 5pin XLR DC Power Cable
  • 6′ AC Mains Cable


The LPS-41 Power Supply is designed to power either a dual or a quad channel pre amp. It features almost 40,000 uF of capacitor filtering and is fully regulated. AC ripple and noise is
less than 150uV rms on all DC Rails. It utilizes both EMI/RFI filtering on the AC Mains input and is internally surge protected. All the DC rails are fuse protected as is the AC Mains. The mains voltage can be changed from 120VAC to 220-230VAC operation by an internal toggle switch.

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Descripción del Producto

MP Specification 2 and 4 Channel Versions

NPNG QMP-4NW and DMP-2NW Pre-Amplifiers


  • Transformerless Fully Differential Balanced Inputs
  • Balanced Outputs Using Jensen “Hi Nickel” Transformers
  • 2 Discrete 13 Transistor Class A Op Amp Stages Per Chan.
  • Discrete* 7 Transistor Fully Differential Front End
  • Input Attenuation “PAD” Variable -4 to – 40dB Range
  • Phase Reverse on Front End                                                
  • PPM Meter Ballistics

Typical Performance:

  • EIN Better Than -127dB 20Hz-20kHz @ 40dB Gain Unweighted
  • Residual Noise Below -89dB 20Hz to 20kHz @ 30dB Gain Unweighted
  • Odd Order Harmonic Distortion @ +40dB Gain / 400Hz +4dBu to +23.5dBu Below .001%
  • Onset of Clipping +24.4dBu
  • Input Impedance 5K Balanced
  • Inter Channel Crosstalk Below 85dB 20Hz-20kHz
  • Amplitude Flatness +/- .05dB 20Hz-70kHz @ 70dB Gain and +4dBu Out

Build Details

All Controls Hand Matched

All Potentiometers are Copper Shielded 

*All Audio Connections Feature    *Critical Front End Transistors         *All Audio Switching Via
Point To Point Wiring                  Matched To 3% Tolerance                 Dry Contact Closure
*PCBs Employ A Massive Low      *All Audio Coupling Capacitors         *The Output Transformers are
Impedance Ground Plane            Are Long Life Matshusta 105Deg.     Jensen 80% Nickel /w CU Shielding.